BitcoinPeople Morning Digest #9


Iran is in the race for being the first country to officially regulate Bitcoin. Bitcoin set to revolutionize the blogosphere with microtransactions. Bitcoin awarded the ‘most innovative open source project’ at CEBIT. Auroracoin in Iceland, PolishCoin in Poland and now SpainCoin in Spain – country specific altcoins are appearing weekly now. The Bitcoin economy is growing in Indonesia. Morgan Stanley (sic!) is hosting a Bitcoin conference. U.S. beekeeper (photo) now does 50% of its business in Bitcoin. Shoreditch etablishing itself as the Bitcoin Mecca with mocca for Bitcoin. New York City, hosting the upcoming Bitcoin convention, is battling it out with London for being the world’s financial center and the next tech hub and Bitcoin is the dealbreaker. The Bitcoin Price Index is steady in the mid 600s.

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