BitcoinPeople Morning Digest #8


Charmaine Li talks to Taavet Hinrikus from TransferWise about the Skype of money transfers. There is new an M&A market with pure Bitcoin deals. Economist Nouriel Roubini joins Thomas Friedman in not understanding Bitcoin and the block chain and use Twitter to communicate their frustrating of not getting it by bashing the technology. Goldman Sachs declares Bitcoin the biggest return of investment last year. Goldman Sachs also claims Bitcoin can make companies save billions in transaction costs. The Winklevoss brothers, Naval Ravikant, and Balaji Srinivasan discusses the current state of Bitcoin and where they believe the value is. Bitcoin needs to grow up and it does (and the Bitcoin Foundation is staffing up). The London based Bitcoin Price Index is now indexed by numbers from a Bulgarian, a Slovenian and a Singaporian exchange. And Singapore, like New York and London, is getting ready to regulate Bitcoin (they all want to be a part of the Bitcoin gold rush). The Bitcoin Price Index is steady in the mid 600s agsinst the U.S. dollar.

[Photo: Twitter]

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