5,000 Terminals Across Ukraine Now Offer Bitcoin for Cash


A nationwide network of more than 4,900 payment terminals in the Ukraine now allows customers to easily buy bitcoin for cash.

“Young Ukrainians are used to buying goods from [online] shops abroad, for example, in China. If someone needs to pay $100 for a buggy for his child, he needs to pay about $40 for SWIFT payments and spend half the day at the bank. We’ve opened a window to the world to help people survive.”

The network, which is operated by the country’s National Credit Bank, allows customers to buy vouchers for bitcoin from a new company called BTCU.

After depositing cash in a terminal, purchasers receive a voucher containing an activation code either on a printed receipt or via an SMS message to their phones. They can then go to BTCU’s website to enter the activation code and claim their bitcoin.

Read the full article here.

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