Bitcoin Nordic becomes part of Coinify


Message from Bitcoin Nordic:

Dear customer

I am excited to send this e-mail to you.

To serve you better and continue spreading the use of Bitcoin and digital currencies in Europe, we have two big announcement:

Bitcoin Nordic becomes part of Coinify

To server the entire European market and the rest of the world it has been important for us to find a more international brand. Visit us and see our new team on, where you will soon be able to Coinify your money!

Coinify expands with payment gateways for businesses

Coinify buys payment solution and existing customer base from the Copenhagen based payment gateway Bitcoin Internet Payment System. Coinify thus becomes a complete solution for both consumers buying and selling bitcoins, and for businesses accepting bitcoins as payment. We are excited to be Coinifying your webshop!

What does this mean for me?

During the next month, the features of Bitcoin Nordic will be moved to You can continue to buy and sell bitcoins at until is ready. At that point you will be automatically redirected to our new home.

We’re looking forward to continue to serve you! We have lots of things planned that will make it easier and more convenient to buy, sell, and use bitcoins.
All the best,

Lasse Birk Olesen

Founder of Bitcoin Nordic

Chief Product Officer of Coinify

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