BitcoinPeople Digest #11


First generation hyper-curriences like Auroracoin, Polishcoin, Spanishcoin, and Scotcoin likely to be followed by official next gen cryptocurrencies. The intravalue of Bitcoin is underrated because of lack of understanding of the value of the infrastructure (and the movement). Several governments have posted messages declaring Bitcoin a tax free ‘property’ as opposed to a real currency. Organizations and politicians looking to Bitcoin for activist and political donations. Rising tech stars and startups entering the Bitcoin arena intending to make it more professional. The Bitcoin Database lists the overwhelming amount of new Bitcoin startups globally. The venture capitalists are following Marc Andreessen with a massive flow of investments in Bitcoin projects. Dubai manifesting itself as a financial center with more than 400 ATM’s coming up. Manufacturers can’t keep up with the worldwide demand for Bitcoin ATM’s. In the future, more than a billion people will use Bitcoin without realizing it as with other standard protocols.

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