BitcoinPeople Morning Digest #7


Ireland is opening its first ATM but the local banks won’t give the operator a bank account (they know they are doomed – or least reduced to a part in the Hybrid Economy). Bitcoin is bigger than Western Union (when will it overtake Amex, Mastercard and VISA?). Overstock has never gotten so much promotion (and so much extra sales) since it began its Bitcoin adventure. Bitcoin is the hot theme at SXSW not only with panels and booths but also with several ATM’s including a mobile unit (as seen in yesterday’s BitcoinPeople Morning Digest). Investors in Singapore betting on Bitcoin. The French wants Bitcoin on the EU agenda. A street in The Hague is renamed to Bitcoin Avenue. New York City and London is battling it out to be the first regulated Bitcoin city. Luxembourg getting ready for Bitcoin business. Bitcoin wil revolutionize microtransactions (and therefore entire industries). Jimmy Wales is playing with his Bitcoin wallet and getting ready for Bitcoin donations on Wikipedia.

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