Bitcoinpeople Morning Digest #4


In this issue: Bitcoin for beginners. Bitcoin is great for all the ‘unbanked’ people in the Philippines. Will future Free Trade Zones be Bitcoin Zones? The bank scandals are good news for Bitcoin. Cloudhashing supporting Mt. Gox costumers. A history of Bitcoin in one chart. Overstock regrets not having implemented Bitcoin earlier. Japan getting ready to regulate Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not a currency, it is a revolution. Paying with Bitcoin on the web gets easier and easier. There are many false myths about Bitcoin (but they will eventually fade away). The second wave of Bitcoin is getting more professional. UK tax authorities looking at Bitcoin. The Chinese exchange BTC China is now trading Litecoin. PolishCoin is a new digital currency from Poland. Take the Bitcoin survey and see how much you know about it. First Bitcoin ATM in London. Blockchain (the company) buys Bitcoin trading platform. In Japan, Bitcoin is now a cabinet matter. The latest Bitcoin Price Index steady at around $650.

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