The new Bitcoin Center NYC is a block from the New York Stock Exchange


If you want to experience Bitcoin unlike any other, take a step into the newly formed Bitcoin Center NYC. A block from the New York Stock Exchange, Bitcoin Center creates a lively approach to buying and selling Bitcoin in an area that has since been silent with the excitement of live trading. Each Monday, the floor comes alive with the sound of traders exchanging Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Infamously named “Satoshi Square,” which originally held trading at Union Square, Bitcoin Center NYC is the new headquarters for trading for the frigid winter months. The event this past week had 100 in attendance, filled with boisterous trading in millibits and thousandths of a Bitcoin. However, the event doesn’t just trade Bitcoin. Individuals also trade Dogecoin, the altcoin that currently has the third largest trade volume of all cryptocurrencies. “The intensity is palpable,” said a Bitcoin Center trader. Bitcoin Center NYC is the only place in the city where Bitcoin can be traded for cash in a live environment. Pushing through a crowd to get the best price is not uncommon. If you are lucky enough to obtain your piece of crypto-cash, you will also enjoy the live exchange after trading ends. Buyers exchange public keys to transfer funds between digital wallets, a process that is efficient and easy. [Source]

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