Google confirms their payments team is working to incorporate Bitcoin

The Bitcoin section on Reddit is red hot. Some big news from today is trending on the popular bulletin board:


I had posted yesterday a screen shot of a response I received from Vic Gundotra @ Google regarding Bitcoin, who then CC’d me to Sridhar Ramaswamy (Senior Vice President, heads up Google Wallet).
I asked /r/bitcoin for suggestions that I should relay to these gentlemen regarding incorporating bitcoin. I did just that, and had a great exchange with them. Additionally, I showed them the post:
Sridhar and a third person at Google just responded to me confirming that Google IS working on incorporating bitcoin
This is huge.



3 thoughts on “Google confirms their payments team is working to incorporate Bitcoin

  1. well, Google have a long history of abandoning most of their projects. So I do not find it negative to be a bit cautious when it come to anything from Google. I do not see my self as a Bitcoin sceptic either, but at the same time its hard to predict the future, and Bitcoin indeed is talking to us from the future.
    But very interesting news, and this blog must be said to be right on time….

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