Bitcoin: 4 Steps Before Wall Street Buys In


By Ty Danco

Let me begin with a confession: I’ve been a Bitcoin hater for the better part of two years. I was turned off by the questionable profiles of its early advocates. To say that Bitcoin began at the fringe would be an understatement—with its anarchist, tax-evading backers and a notorious rise through Silk Road, the currency seemed more like a criminal plaything than a potentially legitimate alternative to the Euro or US Dollar.

From those rocky beginnings, however, Bitcoin acceptance came a long way in 2013. The media thoroughly covered its meteoric rise in market value as a currency, but the bigger story is that high-profile investors have placed significant bets on Bitcoin-related businesses this year, including Li-Ka Shing, Union Square Ventures, and Andreessen-Horowitz. Given their involvement, Bitcoin demands a serious look.

Read the full article on Tabb Forum here.

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