Report from the Hong Kong Bitcoin Conference

To crack the cryptocurrency’s complexities, Hong Kong hosted the city’s first Inside Bitcoins conference. The WSJ’s Ramy Inocencio meets Bobby Lee, CEO of BTC China, the country’s biggest bitcoin exchange.

Read More Launches Next Generation Bitcoin Mining Pool that Gives Back

The Bitcoin community raised concerns about a pool reaching the 51% network hashpower. That pool can potentially control double-spend transactions, effect confirmations and prevent miners from mining valid blocks. Satoshi himself was opposed to centralization of Bitcoin protocol. The pool had responded by limiting new miners to their respective pool all the way to raising […]

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Morgan Stanley CEO does not understand Bitcoin

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman spoke with FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Maria Bartiromo about Morgan Stanley’s fixed-income business. Gorman said, “we’ve been criticized a lot about our fixed-income business the last couple of years” and that “I’m much less worried about fixed income than maybe most folks are.” Gorman also spoke about Bitcoin, saying, “I’m […]

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With OneName you can claim your own Bitcoin identity

OneName is a decentralized identity system (DIS) with a user directory made of entries in a decentralized key-value store (the Namecoin blockchain). Nobody owns or controls OneName and users are in complete control of their data. OneName is open source, has a public design, and is for all to take part.

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